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Balloon Shows

We are performance artists first and foremost.  We LOVE to do Balloon shows.  Heavily interactive with music usually, below is a sampling of videos to whet your appetite. For schools, Library shows, Birthday Party, etc etc.  While we do some shows that are silly shows, we take pride in doing educational show too...  Some of educational shows subject matters that we have routines for that we can include in the show are as follows... "How to catch a mouse","Boo! Halloween Trick-or-Treat Safety", "Reading is a Treasure", "Stranger Danger", "Anti'Bully", "OUCH! Bicycle Safety", "Love One Another", etc.

Zany the Elf in action.  Doing a full blown Christmas show for a classroom at an elementary school.  Balloons, Music, Singing, Magic & heavy interaction by all. 
In this Video Zane the Performance Balloon artist is performing for a Boy scout troop.  Doing a funny skit (the punchline is at the end... wait for it....wait for it...)
This is not so much a balloon show video but showing us interactive with people while doing balloons at a restaurant.  The purpose of this video is to reinforce the point we interact with people and make a memory....  Not just hand them something out of balloons
We licenced a show by Larry Moss (this is his video) Its called 'How to catch a mouse'  and we have performed it through the years.  It is an educational physics lesson that works well for elementary schools & Library Shows  Click here for the 'How to catch a mouse' site.  Will put up our video once we edit it Larry :D
We do Magic Shows.... (with balloons)
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