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Zany Balloon Club!!!

You found it!!!  This is the Denver Area "Zany Balloon Club"!!!  We will post on this page when & where the next meeting is AND/OR email you if you sign up for the email notifications. Or Zany the balloon artist will see you at one of his restaurants if you want call ahead to see if Zane is on that night.  He will make you a balloon at the restaurant  OR if you want he will teach you a balloon right then and there.

email us at '' and tell us you want on our email list to be emailed when a new balloon jam is announced or an additional material to this page,...

My Mission statement with this "Zany Balloon Club" is to:

  • Have the children learn an 'easy' skill set that encourages their desire/confidence/sense of accomplishment & to try new things.

  • Foster and contribute to a balloon community (it already exists and you can be a part of it)

  • Do something FUN

I will also post videos below on how to do the simple stuff & link to other balloon artists instructions....Like which end of the balloon to blow into!!!  And where to get the GOOD balloons in Denver...


What brand balloons to get?  It matters!!! There are 2 Brands that professional Balloon artists use. %90 of us use Qualatex and about 10% Betallatex.  Any other brands are junk and will pop on you to much.  I use both, but since Qualatex is more locally available here are places to get Qualatex Balloons (mostly in Denver)

  • $7-$8 From me.. Zany the balloon Artist... From my supplier I get about 600 bags at a time so I will turn around and share the savings..But I don't care where you get them as long as you get the RIGHT ones.

  • $9 (with Prime membership) click here to go to amazon to get a good pump and good balloons at once

  • HICO (local source near Federal & Evans)

  • Goldylocks (local source near Quebec & I-70)

  • Fun Services (local source near 120th & I-25)

  • $12 Party City


Unless you are a former opera singer with great lungs (I actually am one) you need a pump. There are 2 kind of good inexpensive beginner hand pumps I recommend.  Both are by Qualatex. The red one is single action (just on the push, and has barely anything to break..  The Green one is double action & blows up both up on the push and pull and is twice as fast  .  Both are used by professionals to this day, but most professionals upgrade to bigger pumps. (note: these do come in different colors)

Get them:at:

I am more than happy to show you in person at the restaurants & Monthly meetings any of the skills below.  You may need to get mom & dad to help you master these skills at home so that you can do it without mom and dad.  I ask that you try to master these 2 simple skills before coming to a meeting.  If you don't master them  its okay.. but you will have more fun if you do.  also... remember to leave 3 or 4 inches of the tail end of the balloon uninflated so there is room for the air to go into when twisting...

How to blow up a balloon

There are several videos on how to inflate by mouth or with a pump click here on how to inflate a balloon with a pump

How to tie a knot

Because there are so many different ways to tie a knot I encourage you to follow this link How to tie a knot on a balloon and explore the way that works for you best.

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